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Mediation Philosophy

Michael’s approach to mediation is that there no such thing as a good or bad settlement -- only better or worse than the alternative. The focus of any mediation must always be on forward-looking workable solutions to the parties’ dispute. This philosophy is shaped by Michael’s experience in labor relation and mediation in the context of collective-bargaining negotiations.

Michael seeks to create an atmosphere conducive to the resolution of disputes by being respectful, patient, calm and persistent; helping each side effectively, but cooperatively communicate its rationale for settlement and range of acceptable outcomes.

Ultimately, Michael’s goal is to earn the trust of the parties as to what negotiation strategies are most likely to achieve acceptable responses from the other party and as to what is realistically achievable from the other party at that particular moment in time.  He takes seriously that the role of the mediator is to facilitate the parties’ own resolution of their dispute.

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Mediation Services


All aspects of the employment relationship including discrimination, retaliation, reasonable-accommodation, noncompetition, trade-secret misappropriation and employee benefits.


Matters arising under federal and state laws concerning minimum and overtime wages, exempt status, prevailing wages and nonpayment of wages, including as to tips and tip-pooling.


B2B disputes, especially in the hospitality and restaurant industry, including franchise agreements, licenses, leases, insurance coverage, shareholder agreements and business dissolutions.

About Michael

Michael Starr has over 30-year’s experience in complex civil litigation, concentrating on employment and labor-related lawsuits, but extending as well to a full range of commercial matters. 

A fellow of the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers, Mr. Starr has served as a court-appointed mediator or early neutral evaluator for 25 years for federal and state courts in New York City



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